Working in Russia without working visa

Like in the case of obtaining a working visa without a quota, the law also sets forth a list of categories of foreign nationals who are entitled to undergo simplified procedure of issuance of the documents that are necessary for working in Russia.

This article contains information on cases when a foreign national is entitled to work in Russia without obtaining any consent documents. In such cases the employer does not have to obtain a quota, get work permit, prepare an invitation, visa etc. In most of the cases these are foreign nationals who have a special status or who are involved in a certain type of activity:

  • Those who acquired a temporary residence status in Russia
  • Those who acquired permanent residence status in Russia
  • Participants of a state program of resettlement of compatriots
  • Employees of diplomatic missions / consular missions of foreign governments in Russia / international organizations and domestic workers of such employees
  • Employees of foreign companies executing installation supervision and subsequent maintenance of equipment supplied to Russia
  • Journalists accredited in Russia
  • Students  who study in Russia and work during vacation time
  • Students who study in Russia and work as supporting staff in their educational instructions as part-time job
  • Research associates and teachers who were invited in an organization / institution* in which Council of defending thesis exists or other organizations that satisfy the requirements set by the Government of Russia; teachers who hold classes in educational institutions
  • Those who have business / humanitarian / working visa and who are involved in teaching activity besides their main purpose of staying in Russia*
  • Employees of the representative offices of foreign companies**

* – this rule does not apply to organizations / institutions of professional religious (spiritual) education

** – only in case of existence of international treaty in force under which Russian citizens who are employees of representative office of Russian companies on the territory of foreign state, enjoy the same rights (process of issuance of documents, terms of staying etc.).

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