Quota for working visa (in theory)

Quota is a numerical requirement (limit) which is valid for a certain time period. The main purpose of migration quota is to control labour market in the way that would prioritize employment of Russian citizens and at the same time would balance labor forces for the benefit of Russian economy.

Nowadays there is a “quota for issuance of invitations for entrance Russia” (quota for issuance of working visa) for foreign nationals who enter Russia on visa basis. Actually, this is the same quota as the quota for work permits, it just has a different name. This difference has been made to ease the process of keeping track of labor migration from the countries with visa regime and with non-visa regime.

An employer who is planning to enter into employment agreement with a foreign national in the following year shall submit a proper application before May 1st of the current year. If migration service decides that employment by such employer is reasonable enough, the quota will be issued the following year so the employer will be able to obtain a work permit for his employee and then make him working visa.

There also exists a procedure of obtaining a quota in the current year. Employer needs submit an application before May 1st as well and wait for the decision of relevant commission on quota issuance. If the quota is issued the employer can start to proceed consent documents.

Obtaining quota in practice

Every year rules of quota issuance undergo significant changes - the terms of issuance are changed, new limitations and obligations for employers are imposed, and if some of them are not followed the quota application would be denied.

There is also a way to get quota cancelled. This mechanism is applied when certain violations made by an employer have been detected; the violations may be based on the information acquired during field examinations and also on the information provided by state services that are involved in quota allocation. Therefore, the employer finds out about his violations at the same time when he discovers the annulment of previously issued quota.

In practice annulment of quota usually occurs at the most inappropriate moment... For example, when foreign national employee’s work permit and working visa end. As a result it is impossible to renew these documents; therefore, the employer has to terminate the employment agreement with such foreign national.  Obviously, the employer may correct previous violations and apply for quota again, but it would take a while and by that time a foreign national may not want to come back.

Companies which we work with on a regular basis, avoid troubles with quotas or fix their problems without undue delay and any negative consequences. We understand the process of quota allocation, control the process of quota issuance and react promptly on any occurring changes. Frankly speaking, this is not an easy process, but if an employer appreciates his foreign national specialists and is interested in their legal status in the country , the issuance of quotas with the help of our company becomes a simple formality.

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