Work permit with quota

In the article about quota for working  visa we dwelled on quota allocation process for foreign nationals. The rules of obtaining quota for citizens who enter Russia on visa and non-visa basis are absolutely the same; therefore, all the information mentioned in that article may be used for obtaining work permit quota.

The only difference is the name of quotas and its quantity (quotas for work permits, i.e. the ones that are issued for non-visa entrance, are usually issued in bigger amount rather than the quotas for entrance invitations/ working visa).

Without quota

The law sets forth the list of professions (specialties) and occupations for which an employer does not have to obtain a quota in order to hire a foreign national. Such list is valid for both categories of foreign nationals: who enter country on visa as well as non-visa basis. Information on this list you may find in the article called "Working visa without a quota".

If a foreign national who enters country on visa basis (CIS) applies  documents for non-quota professions/ occupations, the employer will have to provide

  • request
  • application for work permit
  • employment agreement
  • payment of official fee
  • notification of FMS about entering into an employment agreement with a foreign national

the foreign national will have to provide: 

  • passport
  • migration card (is given when entering the country)
  • notification of migration registration
  • document that verifies education (college or university degree)
  • photograph 35 x 45 mm
  • medical certificates issued within the territory of Russia

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