General information on highly qualified specialist status

  • To obtain highly qualified specialist status a foreign citizen’s income shall amount to at least 2 million rubles per year (167000 rubles per month or an equivalent of this sum in any  foreign currency)

  • The requirements may be changed or may not be applied (“Skolkovo”) in cases when a foreign citizen is invited for scientific-research or teaching activity or for an activity within exclusive economic zone 

  • Work permit is valid for the term of labour contract, but for no more than 3 years. The same term is applied to working visa (for the citizens who enter country on a visa basis) 

  • The Migration Service shall prepare a work permit within 14 working days. Citizens who enter country on a visa basis shall acquire an “invitation for entering Russia” besides a work permit. This invitation is used as a ground for acquiring a working visa

  • Work permit for a foreign national highly qualified specialist can be renewed unlimited number of times for a term of one’s labour contract, but for no more than three years for each renewal 

  • HQS is entitled to acquire permanent residence in the Russian Federation on the grounds of an issued work permit

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