Special features of obtaining working visa

  • An employer who is planning to enter into an employment agreement with a foreign national entering Russia on visa basis and who would want to obtain a working visa for him/her shall first of all acquire a quota 

  • The law sets forth a list of professions / occupations for which a quota is not obligatory 

  • After obtaining quota (or in cases when quota is not needed) an employer shall apply for permit to engage and use foreign employees  (permit under the legal entity's name) which is valid for 1 year ( 365 days) since the moment of its issuance (it may be renewed afterwards) 

  • Work permit and working visa are issued for the term of validity of legal entity's permit 

  • Unlike business / commercial visa which is valid from 90 to 180 days, working visa entitles a foreign national to stay within the territory of Russia for its whole period of validity (365 days) 

  • Foreign national who has obtained working visa is entitled to register at migration service (to obtain notifying registration) at the location of the employing company

  • Family members of a foreign national who has obtained labor visa are entitled to obtain visa of an "accompanying family member". Such visa is issued for the work permit period of validity and gives the right to stay in Russia for the whole period of its validity

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