New requirements of the Federal Migration Service: confirmation of Russian language knowledge for working in Russia

14 January 2013

New amendments regarding provision of documents certifying Russian language knowledge entered into force last December. At the moment this rule regards only foreign nationals with visa-free entrance in Russia and working in the housing and utility sphere, household service and companies dealing with retail sales.

Citizens with visa-based entrance (those who are obtaining working visas) as well as highly qualified specialists  do not have to confirm their knowledge of Russian.

While processing  a work permit apart from the standard set of documents, a foreign national  who falls under the these conditions is required to provide one of the following documents:

  • Russian language state test certificate
  • proof of education* recognized in Russia, which has a record of studying Russian language + a notarially certified copy / translation
  • education document* of the state standard obtained before 01.09.1991 in the territory of the state, which was part of the USSR
  • education document* of the state standard obtained after 01.09.1991 in the territory of Russia

IMPORTANT – confirmation of knowledge of Russian is not required if a foreign citizens is a citizen of the state where Russian is the official language, or if the relevant international treaty is in force

* – the level of education should be not less than ''basic general education".

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