A Migration patrol has started working in Moscow

12 February 2013

A Migration patrol created in Moscow will participate in raids of the Migration Service and help its officers in patrolling shopping malls, markets, railway stations, subway stations and other commercial or industrial sites.

Members of the patrol include representatives of the “Moscow City People’s Patrol”, who underwent a special training and education in the migration service. The main goal of the patrol is to detect violators of the migration law (regime of stay and residence in Russia), to work on crime prevention, as well as to explain migration laws to Russian and foreign citizens.

As for the explanation, at the moment it is not clear how exactly the migration patrol officers will explain Russian laws to foreign nationals who do not speak Russian ... Thus, probably, their main function will be the detection of violators rather than explanation of the legislation.

It is important to note that the patrol officers do not have the right to inspect the documents and arrest violators; they act only with the consent of the Federal Migration Service officers. That is why there must be a representative of the migration service in every patrol who will carry out appropriate administrative procedures.

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