Restrictions associated with a temporary residence permit

  • If a foreign national has to replace his or her passport because it has expired or been lost or stolen, the foreign national shall be responsible for obtaining the stamps that confirm the receipt of a TRP and registration at a specific place of residence for the new passport 

  • A foreign national can usually apply for permanent residence in Russia no sooner than six months after obtaining a TRP 

  • A temporary residence permit may be revoked if a foreign national is absent from the territory of the Russian Federation for more than six months consecutively 

  • After obtaining a TRP, a foreign national is required to give an annual notice of confirmation of actual residence in the Russian Federation. This notice shall be given within two months of the end of 12 months since the date when the TRP was obtained 

  • If a TRP is revoked or if an application for a TRP is denied, a foreign national may re-apply for a TRP no sooner than after 12 months

  • A foreign national who has obtained temporary residence status has freedom of movement within the territory of the Russian Federation except for the territories that require a special permit for access

  • A foreign national can only work within territory of the Russian region where the TRP has been issued

  • Temporary residence status shall not entitle a foreign national to all the rights that Russian citizens enjoy. Temporary residents of Russia do not have the right to vote in any elections, or be employed in certain types of jobs or positions (Please contact us for a detailed list of specific occupations and positions that are off limits to non-citizens)

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