Restrictions after obtaining permanent residence permit

  • One can extend a permanent residence permit in Russia only while it is still in effect, i.e. one must submit an application for extension (with supporting documents) before the permanent residence permit expires. If a permanent residence permit has already expired, it cannot be extended, renewed or reinstated 

  • You can submit your extension application at any time, but no later than two months prior to expiration of your permanent residence permit (before 2013, permanent residents had to apply for extension six months before the permit’s expiration) 

  • If a foreign national holding a Russian permanent residence permit remains outside Russia for more than six months, the permanent residence permit may be revoked. Please note that only uninterrupted extended absence from Russia can be cause for revocation of a permanent residence permit (cumulative number of days spent within / outside Russia in any one year is irrelevant) 

  • After obtaining a permanent residence permit, one must submit a “notice confirming one’s living in Russia” annually. This notice must be submitted once a calendar year

  • If a permanent residence permit has been revoked, the foreign national shall be required to leave Russia within 15 days. After a permanent residence permit has been revoked, the foreign national cannot reinstate his or her right of permanent residence from within Russia. For this reason, a foreign national who decides to reinstate his or her right of permanent residence in Russia will have to apply for and receive a temporary residence permit first, and only then he or she will become entitled to obtain permanent residence* 

  • A foreign national receiving a permanent residence permit shall be entitled t move throughout Russia freely, but if he or she needs to visit a restricted area, he or she will have to obtain a required permit for this purpose

  • Despite obtaining a permanent residence permit and the status of a permanent resident of Russia, a foreign national cannot engage in certain types of employment and business; this individual’s voting rights are also restricted (please send us an email for a full list of restrictions) 

* – this procedure does not apply to highly qualified specialists.

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