Permanent residence permit for a highly qualified specialist

A foreign national with a highly qualified specialist (HQS) status, as well as his or her family members* shall be entitled to permanent residence in Russian without having to obtain a temporary residence permit first.

Please note that it makes sense for an HQS to obtain Russian permanent residence only if the specialist intends to apply for Russian citizenship in the future, because extension of a highly qualified specialist’s permanent residence permit would depend directly on the term of his or her employment contract.

If a contract is terminated early, the permanent residence permit will remain in effect for an additional 30 business days. Unless the HQS signs a new employment contract within this time, he (she) and his (her) family members will be required to leave Russia.

If a highly qualified specialist desires to have a “full” permanent residence permit  (that would not be tied to the specialist’s relations with the employer), he or she would have to follow the standard procedure of obtaining a permanent residence permit, starting with obtaining a temporary residence permit, and only then applying for permanent residence.

* – a highly qualified specialist’s family members for the purposes of this article include the spouse, children and their spouses, parents and their spouses, grandparents and grandchildren.

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