Compatriots relocation program

The main purpose of the Governmental Assistance Program to Help Compatriots Living Outside Russia to Relocate to Russia voluntarily (referred to as “the Program” below) is to improve the Russian demographic situation by preventing aging and decline of the Russian population.

According to some statistics, more than 25 million Russians are living in the Russian Diaspora worldwide. For this reason, Russian leadership has decided to create the conditions to encourage Russian expats, who are raised in the traditions of Russian culture, who can speak Russian and want to maintain their connection with Russia, to return to Russia.

Please note that the Program was not conceived as a “scheme” for simplified processing of Russian citizenship for all who want it, but rather to improve the demographic situation in Russia’s strategic regions* worst hit by population outflow and general decline. For this reason, not all Russian regions participate in the Program.

* – the Program is currently in effect in 38 Russian regions (Moscow and the Moscow Region are not participating in the Program).

How can I obtain Russian citizenship under the relocation program?

To obtain Russian citizenship under the Program, you have to be able to present: 

  • A Program participant’s certificate (which you can obtain from the Consular Section of the Russian Embassy’s or the local office of the Russian Federal Migration Service (FMS) in the country where you live, or from a regional FMS office responsible for the area where you live in Russia)
  • A Russian temporary or permanent residence permit

Please note that a Program participant’s certificate entitles you to receive a Russian temporary resident’s permit without regard to the quotas.

If you already have a temporary or a permanent residence permit, you will need to contact your territorial (regional) FMS office at the place of your registration to obtain a Program participant’s certificate, and after obtaining the certificate, apply for Russian citizenship.

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