Restrictions on leaving Russia

A Russian citizen can be subject to temporary restrictions on leaving Russia. These restrictions can be only temporary. “Lifetime restrictions” (which existed under the Soviet Union) are currently not allowed. The length of temporary restrictions depends on the grounds:

  • A citizen provided false information in his or her application for travel documents (a foreign passport) for travel outside Russia. In this case, restrictions may be imposed for up to one (1) month. The subsequent decision to lift or extend the restrictions will be based on the results of investigation/checks
  • A citizen attempts to avoid court-imposed obligations. Please note that, for example, in case of unpaid child support, the court decision on the matter does not constitute a ban on leaving the country. The decision to impose this restriction is made by a court bailiff, who would make a ruling to that effect. It is imposed for no more than six (6) months and is subsequently either lifted or extended by bailiff’s new decision. After the child support arrears are repaid, or an agreement has been reached on the arrears repayment schedule, the restriction may be lifted. Please note that removal of restrictions is not enough to enable the Russian citizen to travel outside Russia again. The information of restrictions removal must be entered in the Russian Border Guards Service database
  • A citizen is called up for military or alternative civil service. A restriction is imposed until the end of the term of service
  • A citizen is accused or a suspect under investigation. Restrictions on leaving the country are imposed until a determination is made in the case or until the court sentence comes into effect
  • A citizen is convicted of a crime. The restrictions remain in effect until the sentence is served or until the convict is released from serving his or her sentence
  • A citizen who has clearance giving him or her access to extraordinarily important or top secret information classified as a state secret. The restrictions cannot be imposed for more than five (5) years except where the Inter-agency Committee for Protection of State Secrets may increase the duration of the restriction to 10 years

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