Working visa without obtaining a quota

The law prescribes a procedure for issuance of consent documents for working in Russia (including working visa) without acquiring a quota for foreign nationals.

Obtaining documents without issuance of quota is possible only if the employer hires foreign national for a certain occupation or with a specific profession. The list of such professions / occupations is set forth by the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Russia. We do not publish this list because it constantly undergoes changes. You may acquire current version of the list by sending us a request through this website.

In brief, the professions and occupations from this list may be divided into three categories: 

  • Heads of the Top and Middle managers. This category has been distinguished so that business owners would be able to manage it without any restraints. It would not make sense if a person who owns business in Russia or comes to Russia to manage a company or develop business, would have to obtain quota for employment in his own company…
  • Technical and engineering professions. This category has been distinguished because internal labour market cannot provide appropriate specialists and preparation of a certain number of them would take too much time
  • "Creative" professions. This category has been allocated so that directors who come to Russia for theater performance and actors who come for concert tour etc. would not face difficulties getting necessary documents

It must be noted that the list of professions set by the Ministry eliminates only the need for acquiring quota. The rest of the procedure is the same. The employer still has to obtain a permit for the company, work permit for foreign national employee, invitation, visa etc.

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