Restrictions arising during the process of employing a highly qualified specialist

  • The employer is obliged to notify quarterly the Migration Service of salary payment to a HQS and also of granting vacation without pay for time period of more than one month 

  • The highly qualified specialist shall stand on tax accounting in Russia within 30 days after obtaining his/her work permit. Moreover, an employer is obliged to notify the Migration Service about it 

  • In order to renew work permit, HQS shall apply to the Migration Service no later than 30 before its expiration date  

  • Legal entities that have been imposed administrative penalties for unlawful engaging of foreign national for two years prior to filing a petition for engaging of HQS, cannot act as employers for HQS. The same regards legal entities that have pending orders to impose administrative penalties (fines) for the above administrative offenses as of time of filing of such petition 

  • Legal entities that have previously failed to perform any obligations to HQS may once again employ HQS not earlier than on the expiration of two years after the day when the federal executive body in charge of migration becomes aware of the relevant circumstances 

  • HQS shall provide  a diploma on professional education (in case when law requires a certain diploma for  professional activities)

  • Religious professional educational institutions cannot employ foreign qualified specialists 

  • HQS cannot be engaged for work as conducting predicatory or any other religious activities (ceremonies), religious teaching and religious upbringing of adherents of any religion 

  • HQS is entitled to the freedom of movement within the territory of Russia except for the territories that require a special permission for entrance

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