A Second foreign passport

Obtaining a second “foreign” (international travel) passport is a matter of real need for those who frequently travel between Russia and other countries and therefore frequently has to apply for visas at foreign nations’ embassies. It is well known that one cannot submit visa applications to several embassies at the same time, and in this case a second “foreign” passport would be an excellent solution.

Unfortunately, not all Russian citizens can obtain a second “foreign” passport. Russian law imposes several restrictions:

  • Any trips outside Russia must be regular (applications for a second “foreign” passport are accepted only if the applying Russian citizens has traveled outside Russia no less frequently than once a month during three consecutive calendar months) 
  • Applications are accepted only if the organization sending the applicant overseas submits a special request (i.e. frequent international trips out of Russia are undertaken on “company business” of a company for which the applicant works or with which he or she is otherwise  associated
  • A Russian citizen applying for a “foreign” passport must not have reasons for obtaining a diplomatic or a service passport
  • A second foreign passport is issued with the same date of expiry as the original foreign passport

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