Application for a temporary residence permit

Even though the current Russian law prescribes only one form of TRP application, in reality, the Russian Federal Migration Service (FMS) accepts two different application forms (one for foreign nationals who require a Russian visa and a different one for foreign nationals who do not need a visa to enter Russia). Both forms are nearly identical; however, they do have several differences. The application for foreign nationals who do not need a visa to enter Russia does not require information about income, religion, ethnicity, or whether the applicant had Soviet (USSR) citizenship in the past.

Application forms may be filled in either by hand or by typing them on a computer. An applicant is also allowed to use a typewriter, although nowadays this increasingly exotic method is almost never used in practice.

The answer to the question “how best to fill out an application for TRP?” is not as obvious as it may seem at first sight. It is surely easier, faster, and generally more convenient to fill it in on a computer. However, a Federal Migration Service officer is unlikely to allow you to correct/cross out/or add anything to the application. As a result, you would have to rewrite (re-type) your application and come to a FMS office once again (maybe even several times more).

As for filling in the application by hand, it may seem as a better way out (if necessary, you may add something to your application on the spot, without having to leave the FMS office). But the problem with that is that the application form does not have much space in the text boxes, and one would have to use tiny handwriting to fill it out. However, the law states the rule that the application should be filled out “without any acronyms, abbreviations, corrections and dashes. Answers to all questions on the application should be complete (exhaustive). The handwritten text shall be legible...”.

You may ask yourself a very reasonable question: “what do we (Resident Centre LLC) do in situations like that?” Although we are well versed in Russian migration laws and have filled out hundreds of applications, we still have to prepare several alternative filled out applications and to have them vetted by migration officers, and make certain corrections to the final application. However, it does not affect our clients in any way. The client applicant comes to an FMS office only once, when everything has already been negotiated and vetted, and the only thing left for him or her to do is sign the application and submit it in person.

How to fill out a TRP application correctly?

The answer to this question is as vague as the one about which is better: to fill the application out by hand or by typing it on a computer. Unfortunately, the current law does not provide a unified standard / or a sample of filling out an application. Each district of Moscow has its own sample of the “correct way” of filling out an application. Moreover, each FMS officer may have his own “more precise version” of it...

Although there is no single approved sample, you would do well to follow the following guidelines: 

  • The application should be as explicit and detailed as possible. Try to answer all the questions broadly and give as many details and as much information as possible
  • The application should be as precise as possible. Do not leave out any details, be very precise and specific with reference details, numbers and dates of your documents
  • Try not to conceal anything (administrative offenses, fine, criminal record, etc.). It would be better to get your application rejected right away rather than having it revoked a year (two, five years) later, when you would have already acquired permanent residence or Russian citizenship, and the previously concealed information would surface, leading to revocation of all the documents you obtained earlier

Keep in mind that all information which you provide would be scrutinized by the Federal Security Service of Russia, the Russian Ministry of the Interior (the police ministry), the Federal Tax Service, the Bailiff Service, and other government agencies. Therefore, we recommend that you approach filling out the application very seriously and pay great attention to this process.

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